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Managing the process of a product from production to the final consumer...

In reality, logistics is a very complex business. Those who know the meaning of logistics know, first of all, we need to know that a product is to manage and follow the process from production to the final consumer.
In Turkey, the name logistics has been used in real terms for the last 10 years. In reality, the number of companies that provide a complex logistics service is almost negligible. Well, I think you're asking what is the reason for this?
To summarize the reason briefly, Turkey's infrastructure is not ready for this yet or there is a trust problem.
To give an example, today, a manufacturer thinks that in order to be able to produce, I will not work with a single carrier, then if he leaves me or we cannot agree, my whole program will be disrupted or my production will stop. However, working with different logistics companies is good on the one hand and creates troublesome processes on the other.
In fact, the main purpose here is purely costs. So, what is the effect of costs on production for manufacturers?
Achieving this balance is as easy as it is very difficult in our country.
For example, when we calculate the transportation unit cost of 1 box of coke, we say that the transportation cost is 25000 kg / km traveled x 1.7 km cost x 330 cl (based on 1,000 km), a figure like 0.13 krş.
So why do manufacturers see such cheap transportation costs as a troublesome process? In fact, they have to trust this sector, which is the first and foremost indispensable thing for them, where they deliver the products they produce to the final producer thanks to logistics shipments.
He should not say "You do the transport, I don't know, I will pay you in 3 months". They should listen to what the logistics companies say before their employees. Here, relations of solution, not relations of interest, should come into play. Cost priority plans should be made.
In short, they should trust logistics companies and think about how we can keep them alive by considering them as their own business. Because if the manufacturer does not produce, the logistician cannot transport, and if the logistician does not transport, the manufacturer cannot sell the product.
As a result, the way to reduce the cost in logistics is to think of logistics companies as your partners rather than partners, to ensure the cash cycle and not to see them as a source of finance.
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